Memorial Courtyard Blocks

     This spring, the Memorial Courtyard will have a new metal sculpture to honor the memory of Jack Smiley, a man who was influential in the development of FAHS and the current Finn Hall. The sculpture is being designed by noted Woodstock, CT artist Michael Saari. The Courtyard is located near the entrance to the Hall and the designed as a compass. 
     You have an opportunity to permanently honor family members, friends or others by purchasing a block in the courtyard. The purchase of these blocks will raise the funds towards needed improvements to the Hall per our strategic plan.
      Specifically, you may purchase a personalized inscription on either of two types of blocks. The 4” x 8” bricks, located on the compass, allow for a maximum inscription of 3 lines, twelve characters each including spaces. These limited number brick can be purchased for $100 each.
     The 5 ½” x 9” background pavers can be purchased for $50 each, and there are a number of them for sale. Engraving is 3 lines, seven characters per line. 
     The price includes your personalized inscription.  They make a great gift! An application is  available by calling or e-mailing FAHS. 
     Please take advantage of this opportunity to honor your memories of the past and to help provide funds for the future. Thank you - Kiitos!
Memorial Courtyard Block Form

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